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Khanqah Shah Ghulam Ali

Brief History

Initially, some portion of khanqah's premises was bought by the spouse of Hazrat Mirza Mazhar. She wanted this place to be used as the burial place for her husband; hence he was laid to rest in the same place. Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali (One of the renowned caliphs of Mirza Mazhar) was given the charge of this khanqah with the consensus view by rest of the caliphs of Mirza Mazhar after his demise (1195 H). The novice devotees related to Mirza Mazhar kept on visiting the place and gained spiritual benefits from Shah Ghulam Ali and thus the khanqah became famous as Khanqah-e-Mazhari.

[Ref. Maqamaat-e-Khair p201-203 (printed1989) by Shah Abul Hasan Zaid Farooqi]