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The three-domed mosque of this Khanqah initially got constructed by Hazrat Shah Ghulam Ali in the north-western side of the Khanqah, which was smaller than the current one. The current mosque got built by Hazrat Shah Abul Khair Mujaddedi Farooqi in 1893 A.D/1310 H. This is a hypostyle mosque in terms of architecture. The prayer hall is covered with three imposing domes guarded by two minarets. The interiors of the mosque cherish the memory of olden Islamic calligraphy.


The distinguished monument of the khanqah is a raised platform with four graves surrounded by nicely built yellow stone walls and calligraphic latticed screen. These graves are of Islamic holy personalities belonging to Naqshbandi Mujaddedi Order. It is covered with spectacular dome. The shrine occupies an area of 18' 6"×18' 3".

The names of those saints are as follows: (starting from east to west)
  • Hazrat Mirza Mazhar Jan-e-Jana Shaheed
  • Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghulam Ali Dehlavi
  • Hazrat Shah Abu Sa'eed Farooqi Mujaddedi
  • Hazrat Shah Abul Khair Farooqi Mujaddedi
  • On the eastern side of the shrine, there is an adjacent area (18' 3"×13") having four other graves with one being prominent of Hazrat Shah Abul Hasan Zaid Farooqi Mujaddedi (1906 A.D./1324 H – 1993 A.D./1414 H).

Mubarak Musallah:

Near to the shrine (in the southern side) there is a holy stone (5' 6"×2' 9" × 9") called as Mubarak Musallah on which Shah Ghulam Ali and other spiritual masters used to offer prayers and seek blessings.


It is a personal ancestral library with vast portfolio of Islamic religious books along with some manuscripts. It is located opposite to the mosque

Residential Area:

Southern area is the residential portion for Sajjadah Nashin, whereas eastern and northern side consists of small, medium size rooms and spacious halls, which are used by devotees on the occasion of large gatherings.

Note: The aforementioned information is being downloaded under the observation of current sajjadah nashin and all the rights of amendments are reserved to him.